"At the gates of the forest, the surprised man of the world is forced to leave his city estimates of great and small, wise and foolish. The knapsack of custom falls off his back with the first step he takes into these precincts. Here is sanctity which shames our religions, and reality which discredits our heroes. Here we find Nature to be the circumstance which dwarfs every other circumstance, and judges like a god all men who come to her."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Celebrating Imbolc

~ Though still it seems like winter
Cold chill is in the air
In the snowy forest
A Lady walks there
The sun follows her leading
And shimmers in her hair

Beneath the Lady walking
a seed stirs in the earth
Within her rounded belly
new life, new hope, new birth
Await! The time is coming
The winter clouds disperse ~

To celebrate Imbolc the girls and I made a yellow cake, to honor the sun, and
they made white roses out of marshmallow fondant for Brigid, the Bride.


~ Oh Lady, gentle Mother,
Healer, sing us awake
Within us the seeds are lying
to blossom in a New Spring
Lady of Fire and Water
Lady of home, of light
Guide us and bring us
into all that we can be ~

Homemade oat-cakes with raisins and honey. Blessed Imbolc!
Let us celebrate the return of Spring!

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My Approach

This blog is written from the perspective of someone who was raised in a conservative Christian community and who was taught that the spiritual element of nature is a reflection of the glory of God. It wasn't until my mid to late 20's that I was brave enough to question what I had been taught and not until my 30's that I knew that nature based spiritual belief systems existed, though often under the umbrella term "pagan". I began to search my own instincts more thoroughly and this brought me back to the very beginning of my memory store, where I felt awe, joy and awareness in the presence of nature. Over the next years, my studying and discovery of different possible fits for my re-discovered and progressing beliefs brought me to the early 19th century Transcendental movement, Unitarian and Quaker churches and finally back to my first church, the church of Nature. While my Christian upbringing still influences my approach and I find much merit in the Bible, I no longer feel confined to narrow, specific and uncompromising views. When I discovered OBOD in 2018 I knew I had found a community of like minded people. While modern druidry is, at best, a very faint and uncertain reflection of the druids of old, engaging in earth-honoring practices makes me feel connected to the past, present and future in a way that feels natural and right. I am so happy to be on this druid path.